• I have two questions about Emmie Lou's Behavior. The first is that she is not sleeping through the night for a few reasons. She cant hold her poo/pee, and also she just has too much energy to sleep. I try to take her on 2/3 walks a day, ranging from 2-4 miles. Not sure if there is any thing specific I can do, but I have not slept in weeks. The second concern is that her biting is not getting better, and she now has her adult teeth, it is getting less playful and more aggressive. I want to nip this before it gets to the point where someone gets hurt. I know she is a sweet girl, and would not mean to hurt me or anyone else. Thanks, Taylor Arcuri

    Hi Taylor,
    I recommend that you take her into see a veterinarian. Not sleeping through the night and not being able to make it through the night without going to the bathroom are concerning. These may be behavioral issues but there can be underlying medical issues present which will complicate behavior modification. The biting and aggression may be part of this same issue but it could have a different underlying cause as well. Your vet can examine her for any underlying medical issues and then work with you on a behavior modification plan that is specific to her unique situation. If needed they can also refer you to a behavior expert in your local area.

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