• I have two olde english bulldogs. One male and one female, littler mates. The female has become very aggressive towards the male, to the point he cannot walk into the kitchen without being growled at. I have heard that there is some behavioral medications that can be given to help calm her. Can you please give me your suggestions? thank you so much.

    Hi Julianne,
    I recommend that you take her into see a veterinarian. New aggression like you are describing can be caused by underlying medical or physical issues like pain, illness, or even vision issues. In addition, there can be many primary behavior conditions including food or toy guarding, territorial type aggression, or dominance aggression. The treatment that will be best for her will depend on if there are any medical issues and the exact type of aggression that is being shown. Your vet can examine her for any of the medical issues and also get some more information from you on the potential triggers for the aggression. Your vet can then work with you on the best behavior modification plan for her unique situation including the best medications.

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