• How much is it to spay a Pug/Boston cross that is a new buddy for my other 2 dogs?
  • I just notice that my dog's lower left canine tooth is pink. What does this mean?
  • My kitten that came from the shelter seems to have a cold. What should I do?
  • What are the best vaccine for kittens?
  • How do I know if my dog will like our new puppy?
  • My rabbit has been shedding constantly for the past two weeks. Is this normal or something I should be concerned about? He is still eating normally, playful as ever, and his bowel movements appear normal. Any information would be appreciated!
  • My four-year-old dog has never had a teeth cleaning. At our last appointment, our vet recommended that we have her teeth cleaned professionally. Can you please give me some information regarding this procedure at your hospitals?
  • My wife and I have been strongly considering purchasing an English Bulldog. However, we've read on the internet that they can be very expensive due to health concerns (respiratory, hip, eye). I know every dog is different, but is taking care of an English Bulldog a lot more expensive than taking care of most dogs? We love the breed but can't really afford to break the bank taking care of one. Thank you!
  • My dog is shaking his head frequently. Is this natural?
  • My cat has always been a little aggressive, but recently he has gotten out of hand. He randomly attacked me in my sleep and got one of his nails stuck into the skin on my head. It was pretty bad, and I figure he probably got into a fight outdoors. Ever since he's been really edgy and will jump at anything that makes sudden noise. Also, he has also been peeing on just about everything. Please offer some help!
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