• I have a male lab retriever who will be 2 in January. Recently when my boyfriend went away with the army he started having vomiting spells. He would vomit bile 1-3 times and then was fine. My german shepherd had this once and diarrhea so I thought maybe food since I bought the same brand (wellness large breed) but I normally buy wellness core wild game. He has been acting fine but occasionally since August he will vomit bile 1-3 times and then is fine. I can feed him dinner and he is back play fighting with his sister. Someone suggested it could be the time between feedings since he had 2 cups at 8:30 am and when he vomited did not eat dinner yet around 7:00pm. Is there anything I should watch for? Could this be a cause? He has been on the same food since we got him. My boyfriend was gone for a month but it does seem like he vomits when he is not around (when he left maybe 5 minutes later is when he threw up) but other than vomiting he acts completely normal. I should also add when he has a normal vomit besides bile he likes the carpets like crazy and drinks a lot of water but when he throws up bile there is no warning he throws up a few times and that's it. He has had some pretty large "hair balls" when he throws up a normal vomit

    Hi Kelsie,
    I recommend that you take him into see a veterinarian. The vomiting that you are describing along with drinking a lot of water is concerning. The licking the carpet is often related with nausea or underlying GI issues as well. There can be many different causes for this including intestinal parasites, infection, inflammation of the GI tract, or a more serious underlying medical issue. Your vet can talk to you more about the cause of his symptoms after they have examined him. They may recommend some lab tests to help diagnose or rule out certain diseases. The treatment that he needs will depend on the underlying cause of his symptoms.

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