• I have a 3 year old female pug she's been fine she got into a bag of trash about 3 hours ago mostly paper nothing dangerous in there no food no medicine she pooped in the house on a pad and it was normal normal color at the very end it was a little loose diarrhea almost in a mustard color since then she's been very uncomfortable she keeps pacing from one spot to another she keeps whining her tummy keeps blowing up like she's trying to go to the bathroom almost constipated she doesn't want to eat she doesn't get excited to go outside I'm really concerned any idea what could possibly be wrong

    Hi Dawn,
    It sounds like she ate a lot and that is causing her stomach pain. The concern would be that the paper and other material she ate could be causing a blockage in her stomach or intestines. I recommend taking her to your veterinarian as soon as possible. They may want to take some radiographs to determine the cause of her bloating. She may also have some GI upset from eating things outside of her normal diet so best to be seen right away.

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