• I adopted my dog on 5/14 and took him to the vet yesterday. He is a 8.5 week old "shepherd mix" according to the shelter. I found many fleas, some alive, and tried to remove them as best as I could, but he has so many and I'm scared of them spreading throughout my house and reproducing on his body. Is there something I can give him as far an oral medication to kill the fleas? I found a single oral chew called "Bravecto." Can I give him this? Can he be dipped this young?

    Hi Karla, congratulations on your new puppy! I recommend that you call and talk to the veterinarian who examined him yesterday. There are a few different products including Bravecto that can be used to control fleas. There is a concern in using some of these products in a puppy as they may not have been fully tested in puppies. The best product for him will also depend on his size, breed, overall health, and the risk where you live. Your vet knows your pet and the local area and they can give you the best advice on this. I do not recommend using any products unless directed to do so by your vet. Some of the over the counter medications can sometimes cause complications in a puppy. Your vet will be able to let you know which ones are safe for him.

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