• How do I know I’m giving my dog the nutrients he needs?

    Luckily, all the nutrients your dog needs can be found in high quality foods like Royal Canin. These are complete diets which contain all the nutrients your pet needs and in the correct ratio for the life cycle of your pet (such as puppy, adult, senior, etc).

    If you feed the appropriate diet for the life stage of your dog, he will get all the nutrients he needs. The biggest area that we see nutritional deficiencies in is homemade diets. If you decide to feed a homemade diet you need to make sure that the diet has been approved by a veterinarian that is board certified in veterinary nutrition.

    If you have any questions about the specific diet you’re feeding your dog, your veterinarian can recommend the food will be best for your pet. You can use our hospital locator to find your nearest Banfield hospital.

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