• Hi we took in a stray cat that was pregnant. It has been almost two weeks since she gave birth. We visibly saw a large worm in her poop. She is having a lot of diarrhea. Can she be given worm medicine now even with nursing her babies? Is this the possible cause of diarrhea?

    Hi Ryan,
    I recommend that you take her and the kittens into see a veterinarian. Intestinal parasites can cause diarrhea in cats and this is concerning because many worms can be passed from mom to the kittens. This can even become life threatening to the kittens depending on the worm load. Your vet can examine mom for any other causes of diarrhea and perform a fecal test to help identify the type of worms present. Then they will be able to recommend the best and safest treatment for mom and the kittens.

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