• Hi there. We are Banfield members and our puppy Maggie, a dachshund, got her third round of distemper vaccine and went into shock and almost passed away at the Banfield hospital from the vaccine. Our vet called the vaccine company and tried to ask for alternatives or suggestions for future vaccinations They suggested to give steroids and benadryl prior to vaccines but that can’t guarantee a worse reaction won’t occur. We obviously want our puppy vaccinate so she can socialize and be in the FL nature and environment but she still needs many vaccines. The vaccine company and our vet said it’s purely risk vs. benefit at this point. I just don’t know how we can decide whether to keep our puppy in a “bubble” away from the environment or to vaccinate her and potentially have worse side effects and ultimately die. Any suggestions or alternatives we can do? Thank you so incredibly much.

    Hi Brodie,
    I recommend that you talk to your local veterinarian about your concerns. A severe vaccine reaction like you are describing is very scary and I can understand your hesitation in proceeding with other vaccines. You are correct that it is a risk and benefit decision at this point. Does the risk of disease outweigh the risk of the vaccination? That will depend on the environment that your puppy will be exposed to as well as her age and breed. Some things that can be done to decrease the risk are to pre-medicate with Benadryl and steroids, have an IV catheter in place so if she has a reaction she can receive medications faster, give one vaccine at a time, and to not give any unneeded vaccines. Unfortunately there is not a better option to give her the protection from the diseases than to vaccinate. Your local vet knows your pet and the risk of disease in your local area so they can give you the best advice on the risks associated with either option to help you come to an informed decision.

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