• Hi there, My dog Hodoo came in earlier today, 11/20 for a dental and comprehensive checkup. I saw on the exam report that his hematocrit (HCT) level was not at normal, as his is at 64.5%. He also doesn't have normal levels with MCHC (27.5 g/dl), and ALKP (16U/L). Can you let me know what the normal threshold are for these 3 and what we can do to improve them? Thank you!

    Hi Doyeon,
    I recommend that you call and talk to your local hospital about these questions. There can be many different reasons that these tests can be abnormal including the breed of your dog and mild dehydration. However, there can be more serious causes as well. The tests should be interpreted with the individual pet’s circumstances in mind. Your vet knows your pet and his medical history and they will be able to best answer your questions.

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