• Hi. I know Lilly is supposed to keep her cone on for 2 weeks. She got the collar on Friday, 11/30. We are going out of town Thursday, 12/13. Is it okay to take the cone off then? My parents will be feeding/taking care of our cats while we are gone for the weekend. I could have them take the collar off on Friday or otherwise we can do it on Sunday when we get back. Thanks, Erin P.S. Lilly is doing fine. She was pretty sad at first, but she has gotten more used to the cone, took her 3 days of pain pills and has been getitng her antibiotic which we will end this Sunday (10 days).

    Hi Erin,
    I am glad to hear Lilly is doing well. I would recommend calling the veterinarian that prescribed Lilly to wear the collar and you can discuss how things are looking and determine whether it is ok to take the cone off early or wait until your return since you won’t be there to monitor her. Another option is to make an appointment, so the veterinarian can perform an exam. I hope you have a great trip.

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