• Hello, my puppy Cooper is 5.5 months old and is a golden retriever. He weighs about 42 pounds. The last 2 mornings around 5-6am, he either vomited or coughed up a clear mucus-looking liquid. He has no other symptoms that I can tell. His stool has been fine (he has had diarrhea issues before), he is his normal playful self, and is eating and drinking fine. He eats three times (about 4 cups) a day (Science Diet Large Breed Puppy). He eats at about 9:30am, 12:30pm, and 5:30pm each day, with some variation depending on the day. He is around other dogs through puppy classes and around our apartment complex. He is fully vaccinated. Any ideas of what it could be? Thank you for your help!

    Hi Sam,
    This sounds like a change for Cooper and anytime we see a change it can be concerning. I would recommend bringing him in for an exam. There are several possibilities for causing this including infections, pulling on a collar, and GI upset from several causes. It is a great sign that he is still active and eating well but best to make sure there is not something to be worried about and that is why your veterinarian is there to support you.

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