• Hello, My dog Minnie has a problem with her leg/hip which she has been seen for. The vet is not sure if she has some type of arthritis or if it is LCPD (less calve perthes disease) or patellar luxation. We plan to do xrays at her next appointment. In the mean time I would like to start giving her CBD oil. I have other friends that give their pet CBD oil for types of arthritis and they say it has worked. Although I do not think that my pet is in pain I do feel that she is less active because of her lameness. There are 2 CBD products/brands that I have been told about. King Kalm oil 75mg and Canna-Pet advanced maxhemp liquid. I was just wondering how you feel about giving CBD products to your pet? I also wonder how much I should administer to my dog based on her weight/size? Thank you!

    Hi Sharon,
    I recommend that you talk to your local veterinarian about this question. The best answer for this will depend on your pet’s medical history and the product that you are using. There has not been a lot of research on using CBD oil in dogs so it is unknown if these products will be beneficial for certain diseases. Your vet knows your pet and they can give you the best advice on if they think this may be helpful and if so the dosage that you should use.

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