• hello. my dog bishop is a patient at banfield in the myrtle beach sc area. We are in the hurricane affected area, not sure when my banfield will be open again, but when they do it will be VERY busy. My question is- last night when my dog had a bowel movement I saw 2 worms in the stool. I took pictures of them. can they identify the worms by looking at a picture and then prescribe meds without me trying to get an appointment during such a busy time ahead? I will more than likely have to go back to work tomorrow as well. can i send picture on this site to identify? They were white, squirming, sort of flat ant tapered about 1/2 inch long. I know its not an emergency, but I want to get him treated right away. He is up to date with everything through banfield. Thanks

    Hi Brian,
    What you are describing sounds like a tapeworm. They are typically short and flat. They are not an emergency, but they should be treated as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the medication we prescribe for their treatment is not available over-the-counter. I would suggest getting him in as soon as you are able – our Myrtle Beach Hospital is open today (Monday), but don’t put yourself or anyone in your family including your dog at risk to do so. I do recommend being careful about getting the worms on you or anyone else in your family – although they are usually species specific, there are some species of tapeworm that can cause problems in people.

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