• Hello, I wanted to get my pet groomed soon, which I understand needs updated medical information. I checked this account (which is under my father's credentials, so I thought he took care of this long ago), and found that my dog is 4 vaccines overdue. I believe we are no longer on the wellness plan, so I'd like to know how much it is to get him vaccinated. I'd also like to know if having these vaccinations in a short time span is safe for my pet, and if so, how long should I wait between each vaccination. Basically I'd like to know the pricing for these 4 required vaccinations with a grooming session as well.

    I recommend that you call and talk to your local Banfield Hospital about this question. The safety of giving the vaccines all at once will depend on your pet’s size, breed, and overall health. The costs of the vaccines will depend on the exact vaccines needed and if any will need boosters. Your local hospital has access to your pet’s medical history and they will be able to give you the best answers for this.

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