• My puppy was spayed today. When would it be a good time to remove her cone?
  • I was doing research on flea and tick preventative. I'm curious what species of ticks the First Shield Trio brand that you sell is effective against. Couldn't find it listed anywhere. It just says effective against ticks in general. On that topic, is the American dog tick considered the same as a general wood tick?
  • My dog has had blood in her urine on-and-off for a few months, though she's been spayed for seven years. The antibiotics and steroids prescribed by our vet did seem to make her better for a while, but now the bloody urine has come back! As mysteriously as it comes, clears up on its own a few days later, until she has another episode. What could be her problem and prognosis?
  • My small dog has non-raised, red spots around her belly. There are a few under or on her legs and arms, and they don't appear to bother her. What should I do? What could they be?
  • My five-month-old golden doodle has been snoring more and he sounds like he snores when he is awake too. He was in a pet hotel a week ago, so I was wondering if this is seasonal allergies or kennel cough? He's had all of his shots, is not coughing, and is also in the process of losing his baby teeth. Thanks for any help!
  • I adopted two puppies this weekend. How can I find out what their breeds are and what they are mixed with?
  • I just adopted my dog from the humane society. She was spayed the day I picked her up. How long will it take for her stitches to heal and for her hair to grow back? Also, she has not eaten or drank any water since she got to our house? Is this normal after being spayed? Lastly, my dog attempts to bite you if you try to pet her. How do we get her out of this habit?
  • I gave my dog the first dose of Deworming medication two weeks ago, but I forgot to give the second dose this week. Should I go ahead and give it now?
  • How can you tell if your cat is sick or dying?
  • I have a year-old, fifty-pound dog who consumed a chocolate cupcake and has been very hyperactive since he ate it - about 30 minutes ago. He is a very active dog, but I am concerned that his hyperactivity tonight is due to the chocolate. Should I be concerned?
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