• Why are my dog and cat scratching so much more?
  • Recently my small Dachshund had to undergo surgery for a large growth on her chest. The veterinarian decided that she should be spayed at the same time as the surgery because he believed the growth was cancerous. She survived the surgery itself fine, but 4 hours later, as they were warming her, she was dead because her temperature would not go up. Was it too much for a little 10 yr old dog? Was she already eaten up with cancer? Was it too much to spay her at the same time? Did she go into shock? Anything like that? I have cried my eyes out for three days - some closure or understanding would be nice.
  • The pond at my apartment is full of frogs and my dog likes to try to pounce and eat them - so far without success. Will biting or ingesting the frogs make my dog sick?
  • Where can I obtain Milk Thistle for our dog, and what is your recommended daily dose? I found several quantities at our local pharmacy, but didn't know if either of these were the correct dose or even if it was the same supplement for animals.
  • We found a cat and took her in. She doesn't eat much or drink much, and we haven't noticed her go to the bathroom - but she looks healthy and has a good disposition. Is there a reason she may not be eating or going to the bathroom?
  • What do I feed my six-week-old puppy I got today? He barely nibbled at the softened dry puppy food and has not touched the puppy milk I gave him in a small bowl, and he didn't like it from the bottle either. How often do I feed him, and how much?
  • When should I breed my dog?
  • Why does our puppy eat bugs? She likes June bugs especially. Are they bad for her? What should we do to stop her from eating them?
  • My dog has worms, but when I gave him a dewormer it only worked for a short time and now they're back. What else can I do?
  • Somehow our front door got open while we were gone and our dog got out. She was right by the house when we went looking for her, but she is now limping and not putting much pressure on her right front leg. What should we do?
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