• Are there any flea sprays for my house that are safe for when I have my pet birds inside?

    Birds are very sensitive to air-borne contaminants, chemicals (including insecticides), and vapors or gases. For this reason, it’s very important to follow all product label instructions for whatever item is used. You may want to consider contacting a local avian specialty veterinarian to see if they have any “safe” recommendations.

    General advice to pet owners who decide to spray or bomb their homes - remove all pets, especially birds, and cover aquariums that can’t be removed. Food & water sources and related utensils/eating areas should be well covered or removed. Bird cages/furniture/toy items, etc should be well covered or removed as well.

    No pets should return to the house until all treatments are completely dry, no product odors linger and the house has aired out well. There are some non-insecticidal flea treatments available, but they may still cause particulates to be released into the air.

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