• Our puppy is constipated. When he finally manages to poop his stool is looser than it has been. What can we do to help him?
  • I don't know if it matters but my dog is actually 8 months old...not a year. My dog is constantly licking his butt and I was wondering if it could be because of his anal gland or if it's something else. He doesn't scoot his but on the ground at all but he licks his anus (pardon the lack of vocabulary) roughly every 10-20 minutes. I just want to know if this is a matter of needing to see the vet or if I should be doing something else to help him. If it helps, Theo is a Chihuahua-Pitbull mix (aka a Chipit)
  • Are there any home solutions for dogs with diarrhea
  • I have a second dog , female 5 y.. How much would it cost to add her to my current plan? is there a discount for 2 dogs? I believe she over weight Bd may need a special diet. She boardwr collie mix.
  • I have my female pup, I purchased from someone when I was told she was 8 weeks. To the best of my calculations she is about to turn 1. She’s gotten her period and my male will not leave her alone. I do not let them “mate” but my male dog is going crazy. How can I go about stopping this or getting surgery for my female?
  • Hi My 1 year old puggle has been whining quite a bit and I recently found a scab on his back that I was able to gently remove . He is still whining and I’m worried he’s itchy and I can’t tell because he isn’t attempting to bite or scratch himself. He is up to date on flea/tick etc but goes to the dog park at least 3 times a week so he is exposed to other dogs. Is there something I can do to help it’s worrying me that he’s hurting and I’m not doing anything to help him.
  • Hello! I recently adopted a now 11 week old puppy. After taking him to Banfield to get him started on his vaccinations, he was given a fecal test and tested positive for hookworms. He has been treated with a dose of dewormer from the veterinarian and has also been given a dose of Interceptor Plus for heartworm and intestinal parasite prevention. Prior to learning he had hookworms, he had an accident on his pet bed. Do you know what I can do to the pet bed to ensure that any possible hookworm eggs that could've gotten onto the bed are removed? I'm worried about him becoming re-infected. Thank you!
  • My Bulldog has been licking her paws a lot lately and also seems to have an eye thats constantly teared up a bit. I suspect it may be allergies. Is it safe to give here an OTC antihistamine like Claritin or Zyrtec to see if that helps her?
  • I was told to feed my cat Royal Canin Renal Support food, but it says on it "intended for intermittent and supplemental feeding only. I'm confused. My cat will also eat the dry A food for a few days and then refuse it for 3 days.
  • Can my pup go to the park after the first injection of the DAPP
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