• I noticed a lump on my golden boys ear flap. The lump wasn’t there earlier and is this something I should be concerned about. I will be calling his vet Monday.
  • After visiting the vet Saturday, the vet gave us some antibacterial and antifungal wipes to treat a possible skin infection my dog has. We know it's not ringworm, but she's got a spot on her body that she keeps chewing on and some yellow spots on the bottom of her paws that we thought might be an infection. I'm getting ready to go on vacation and I'm letting Ruby (my dog) stay with my neighbors who have a dog of their own. Is it possible for this infection to spread to their dog as well?
  • It looks like my dogs nipple is hanging out about a 1/4 inch
  • My dog got his booster for Lepto on Monday the 15th. It is now Easter Sunday and he has a lump at the injection site. It's about the size of a 50 cent piece. Should I be concerned? He is acting normal and doesnt seem to care if I touch it. Is there something I should give him? He is approximately 69lbs and 7 months old.
  • My dogs gums are growing over teeth. She gets dental cleaning yearly for the past 4-5 years. Only meds are heartworm & flea and tick control. 1st Vet said it was common in some dogs, Don't worry. As progression gets worse, 2nd Vet says she grinding her teeth, Don't worry. Now she has only about less than an 1/16" of teeth showing in front (Incisors teeth). Progression is getting faster. I'm worried! She's an 8yr old Cocker Spaniel.
  • I was in the Tigard, OR office 4/21/19. My pet cat Tiger is not eating much of the prescription food (I/F ???) for gastritis. He is lethargic and not acting his usual active self. What should I do? What is the cost to leave him in the hospital to handle his condition of vomiting all food? I need the most effective and cost efficient way to handle this. Not a shotgun, ignore all cost approach. This is urgent. Thank you!
  • Hello :) can BUN levels in dogs somehow lower? Took my 7 year old beagle mix to the vet and said her kidney wasn't working the same. BUN level went from 28 to 58 in 6 months and creatinine level = 2.0 does this mean its progressing or can diet or my pup being nervous affect her BUN levels. she was changed to low protein diet and have to take her back in 2 weeks to see. Can these levels ever lower? I know kidney damage is permanent but can these numbers improve? Thank you so much!
  • What is the most common reason for blood in stool? My 8 month old kitten seems happy and healthy but sometimes I notice bright red blood mixed in with his stools. He eats a combo of wet and dry food, I just switched him to adult food. It doesn't happen a lot but I just want to be safe. Please let me know!
  • Quincy is current with his simperica however he came from outside with bite on his genital area. The other dog doesn’t have these bites but she has more hair. What could be causing this and always in the same area? I can send pictures.
  • Zoey looks like she has a sore on her lip. Not sure if it was warrants a special trip or if I should see if it goes away after a few days.
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