• I've noticed that Kai's eyes are sometimes red and teary. Doesn't scratch them but wondering if it could be allergies and if there is anything you would recommend that he can take for it Also is it possible for a dog to get a sunburn around his mouth where he doesn't have any fur and anything you recommend for it
  • My cat has green goo coming out of his eye and he keeps wincing it. This happened before and we were given a topical antibiotic which didn’t do anything. After about 3 weeks it cleared up on its own but now it’s back. What could be causing this and what can we do to help him? Thank you!!
  • Good Morning! Bella, our dog, sometimes she gets anxious when we’re going on car rides. I wanted to know if there is any kind of over the counter medication that you recommend to give her? We’re going on a trip this sunday and we want to make sure she’s ok. Thank you,
  • I just adopted a special needs dog to join my pack of three dogs. He is a cairn terrier with a severe behavioral issue of growling, gritting teeth, then chasing his tail uncontrollably. I'm giving him 5 drops of cdb oil twice a day (per instructions from the shelter) but it doesn't seem to help. He also has a heart murmur. I would like to explore low dose medication to improve his quality of life. Please advise.
  • My boxer is excessively drooling and I do not know why. He does not typically drool like this and I am very concerned. It is just leaking out if his mouth. What should I do?
  • My dog has diarrhea for 24 hours. What can I do to help stop it
  • My male cat got neutered a month ago and for the past week he’s been urinating about his litter box. Is this a cause for concern?
  • I want to make Molly's dog food. I am concerned about what is in dog food and all the recalls even for human grade and organic dog food. Do you have a healthy nutritional recipe? I do not mind if I have to add supplements as long as they have no chemicals
  • i am almost 99% sure my puppy has puppy strangles i’ve been to the vet twice this week and they showed concerned but said they didn’t think it could be puppy strangles because her lymph nodes weren’t swollen well today she woke up with swollen lymph nodes and her muzzle is swollen and bottom lip all swollen and red with what looks like now oozing. i’m just curious if there is anything i could do she’s on simplicef and some ointment for her eyes
  • It has been 11 days since my dog been spayed. Can I take her cone off now?
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