• What food brand is recommend my puppy Siberian Husky eat? Or what should i been looking into when i buy his food?
  • Jaxson has been potty trained but this week he has been peeing huge amounts all over the house, plus seems to be very needy, barking all the time at us. He has never done this before Do we need to bring him in?
  • Buster was seen last week. He has not had abx in a few days because I accidentally threw the bag away with Meds In it. He has not eaten in two days. Can we get another week of meds? We do not have a lot of money to spend but I know he does not feel well. Thank you., Melissa Collins 804 869 4684 Collins619@comast.net
  • Hi. What is included in a pre-vaccination package? Thank you.
  • My cat is throwing up foam. I recently changed his food to grain free because of soft stools. Now he's not moving them at all. Could the food be causing this?
  • my cat was just diagnosed with cancer in his stomach. He was given Prednislone, anti nausea meds and something for stomach acid. I was told he was getting an appetite stimulant. He's been on meds for two days now and it seems like his condition is worse. He's super lethargic, still not eating on his own and hiding. I know he's sick but he seems worse now since he's been on the medications.
  • My chihuahua ate some raw shea butter. I'm not sure how much but it was enough to make her sick. She was acting fine and playful the night she ate it. It wasn't until this morning when she threw up and has been acting a little sick. I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to bring her into the vet unnecessarily if there's something i can do from home. But I don't know if it's toxic.
  • I have a 9 week old puppy, and for the past few days, she’s had dried blood around her vulva. No blood in urine or feces. She voids every 2 hours and poops at least twice a day. Her stool is not runny or watery. It’s compact but not hard. When they dry up they do turn from dark brown to black. She’s eating and drinking well and shows no signs of pain or distress. When we clean her vulva with wipes she does move a lot but i’m not sure if it’s from pain or she just doesn’t want to be held like that. Her vulva doesn’t look inflamed, and there hasn’t really been a lot of discharge (doesn’t drip to her legs or our floors). No pus or other exudates. Just dried blood. Not lethargic, and has been active majority of the day and takes several short naps. We did switch her food from 4-health to Royal Canin a week ago as recommended by her veterinarian as the 4-health food was a grain-free diet. She has an appointment in a week, but I’m just worried and wondering if I need to take her to the emergency or if we can wait until her comprehensive exam. Also, can I do something at home for now to help avoid infection or more serious problems? Thank you!
  • Is it safe to give my dog Zyrtec? He’s sneezing and has itchy eyes. He’s almost 6 months and weight 42lbs.
  • About a month ago we switched Brady's food and yesterday he threw up after eating some of his breakfast, then went in and ate the rest of his food and seemed fine throughout the rest of the day. Then were out in the evening and he threw up a then ate it then threw up again. Is he stick or could it be the food? He is due to be castrated on Tuesday and i want to make sure he is healthy for everything.
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