• Drake has developed very dry flaky skin in the last 2 weeks. Called for an appointment but was told he could not be see till mid November. Came in and purchased some medicated spray and bathed him in oatmeal shampoo but has not helped. Please advise if there is anything I can try at home, if he can be seen, or should I take him to another hospital Barbara Pitts 804-347-4662

    Hi Barbara,

    I recommend that you call and talk to your local hospital about this. Dry skin can be caused from a few different things including dryer weather, allergies, fleas, skin mites, skin infection, or an underlying medical issue. Topical medications like you are describing can help but the will need to be used relatively often to have the full effect. Your vet can talk to you about how often they should be used. If the dry skin has continued after the use of these medications then it would be best to have him examined by a vet.

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