• My pet is just in heat and I want to get her spayed, and can a dog half her size still breed with her now?

    Good question to ask if its ok to spay her if she has just come into heat. Dogs can be spayed while in heat, but may be more prone to bleeding and some other surgical complications. Many veterinarians prefer to wait until the heat has ended to reduce the potential for complications.

    By examining your pet and determining her stage of heat cycle, they can tell if it would be best to wait a bit or not. Your pet’s veterinarian will be the best person to determine that. Contact your veterinarian and tell them about the suspected heat. They may want to examine her first or postpone her surgery.

    About the intact (not neutered) male-, any intact male can potentially breed a female in heat, even if they are different in size. If you don’t want her bred, she should have ABSOLUTELY NO contact with any intact males, even for a few minutes.

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