• What chew toys are ok for my new puppy dog?

    Any dog bone or chew product can cause an obstruction if the pet eats it without chewing it into smaller pieces or swallows large pieces of the product.

    Rawhide chew treats

    With proper safety precautions, rawhide chews are safe enough to give to your dog. However, they can be particularly dangerous for puppies because it is so difficult to break into small, safe chunks. Many dogs ingest large pieces which become stuck in the digestive tract, leading to death in worse case scenarios.

    Owers of new puppies can help prevent this from happening by making sure that the product is the right size for the pet and can be broken apart easily by the pet into easily ingested pieces. Cutting the treat into small, safe pieces before offering it to your puppy is another option.

    Synthetic chew toys

    Some toys are fairly indestructible, so that pieces can't be chewed off and swallowed. There are a number of excellent chew toys available at your local pet store, but, as with any pet toy, it is very important to read the label and ensure it has been tested and deemed safe for pets.

    In addition to safety standards and regulation information, it is also important to make sure that the toy you are buying is too big to be swallowed whole, according to the size of your pet. It is always best to supervise your pet when introducing them to any new toy, or treat. Some products are much safer than others, but any toy can become a danger if it is ingested improperly.


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