• I just adopted a younger cat and there are so many options I'm not sure what I should be feeding him. Can you help? What should I feed my cat?
  • I have a few different species of reptile around my house. I like to interact with them, sometimes taking them out of their cages to play and be handled around the home. Do reptiles like being handled? Am I just annoying them?
  • Both my dog and my cat's eyes get messy fairly often. They get this gunk in the corners. Should I be cleaning this? Is this normal? How should I go about cleaning it?
  • I have a snake and a lizard and was just wondering how often they would need to be shedding their skin. How does it usually happen?
  • I recently adopted a puppy who was small-ish for her age when we got her. She is a mixed breed and now is growing very fast. How can I tell how large she will get when she becomes full-grown?
  • I am thinking about getting a reptile, either a turtle, lizard, or snake. I have never had a cold-blooded pet before and was told they require very specific habitats to be happy and healthy. Can you offer any advice in preparing a home for my new reptile?
  • I just adopted my first puppy and I am not sure what is appropriate for him to play with. Can you offer any advice?
  • I recently adopted a puppy, and I was wondering if I should be feeding her any special vitamins?
  • My cat has been scratching her ears a lot lately. Why is she doing this? Is it serious?
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