• Age/Breed: 5yo domestic longhaired cat Issue: Last night, my cat began to almost howl (those low, guttural meows) and then started to shake the way cats with Cerebellar Hypoplasia do and his eyes were unable to stay fixed in one place (moving back and forth rapidly). This lasted for around one minute. His body then calmed down and he began purring (he is a -big- purr'er) but his purrs were very shallow and shaky. Around one minute after that, he returned to normal. Completely normal. Jumped up and immediately ran to his food bowl to eat, kept wanting to play, snuggle, etc. I am not currently in Tallahassee to see our vet. I called a vet this morning to see if he needed to be brought in immediately. I was told that because he is normal, to monitor him today, and bring him in tomorrow for some tests. I am here seeking a second opinion to make sure that it's okay to wait until tomorrow. It *seemed* to be what would be categorized as a TIA...possibly a seizure? He did not defecate, vomit, lose consciousness, appear depressed or lethargic, lose his appetite, lose motor function (outside of that one-minute period), experience blindness, etc. and is eating/drinking/using the bathroom normally today and exhibiting all normal behaviors. He had a checkup at Banfield on 8/25 and did not have any issues then.

    Hi Brittany,
    I would defer to your local vet on this since they know your pet’s medical history. The episode that you are describing could be a seizure but there can be other causes for it as well. If you see another episode it is important to have him seen as soon as possible.

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