• 1. Should my puppy be vaccinated for coronavirus? 2. How about CIV? 3. He's 4 month old and only gotten one round of each of Lepto and Lyme. His second round is scheduled in a couple of weeks. Should I refrain from letting him be around other puppies until then? Thanks,

    Hi Joyce,
    It is always best to discuss the specifics of your pet’s vaccines with the veterinarian taking care of your pet. The decisions made should vary depending on their knowledge of the environment where you live and play with your puppy, as well as the prevalence of these diseases. Coronavirus in dogs is not a commonly given vaccination anymore and is not part of our vaccine protocols. Canine Influenza Virus vaccine usage will vary depending on where you live and the likelihood that your pup will be exposed. Although the vaccine is not as protective as some of the other vaccines we use, it is the best protection available for a fast growing disease problem. In terms of the leptospirosis and lyme vaccines, again, you should discuss this with your veterinarian. Lyme disease can not be transferred directly to your dog from another dog, but your dog can get ticks from an area where lyme infected dogs play – and infect the local ticks. Leptospirosis can be spread by infected dogs in their urine, but is more commonly spread by other animals that might leave urine your dog will find.

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