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Helpful Tips for Taking Your Cat to the Veterinarian

Helpful Tips for Taking Your Cat to the Veterinarian

Most cat owners know that getting their pet into the carrier and off to the veterinarian for a visit can be a challenge. Here are some tips that can help make the trip a less stressful experience for both you and your cat.

Get your cat used to the carrier

A few days (or ideally weeks) before your scheduled appointment, put your cat’s carrier in a common area of your home. Feed your cat meals in the carrier, as this can help to curb your cat’s feelings about the carrier and make the experience less stressful at the time of the actual visit to the vet.

Position Your Cat for Success

Once you get to the veterinarian’s office, take a quick look around the reception area. Your cat can still experience stress while inside the carrier, so avoid waiting in areas with dogs, noise or a lot of activity. If possible, keep your cat’s carrier off the floor on a secure, raised surface such as a bench.

Don’t forget to bring a towel or blanket to cover the carrier, too. This is a simple way to eliminate the hustle and bustle that may otherwise frighten your cat.

Talk With Your Veterinarian About Calming Products

Your veterinarian can advise you about calming pheromone products that are often effective for managing cat anxiety. They are available as diffusers and sprays, and may help keep your cat relaxed during future visits. In addition, taking your cat to the vet’s office when an appointment is not scheduled—and just as a social call—can help your cat associate going to the doctor with fun.

Following these tips can help minimize the stress that vet visits place on you and your cat. You can also talk with your local veterinarian team for more tips specific to your individual pet.

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