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Pet Health Insurance vs. Pet Wellness Plans: What's the Difference?

Pet Health Insurance vs. Pet Wellness Plans: What

If you think you only need to take your dog or cat to the veterinarian for a vaccination, think again. Regular preventive pet health care is your best insurance against many common conditions, can help keep your pet from getting sick by detecting diseases sooner.

When caught early, health issues are normally easier and less costly to treat and result in a better medical outcome for your pet. But where do you get the resources to provide the best medical care for your pet? Choosing between pet insurance and an Optimum Wellness Plan can be a challenge if you don’t know the differences between the two options.

Generic Pet Insurance

  • You pay for coverage that you may never need to use
  • Coverage is usually limited to treatment of illness and injury
  • Normally takes effect after a deductible is met and the problem falls under a “covered occurrence”
  • Typically, does not cover pre-existing conditions
  • Monthly premiums are often based on your pet’s breed and/or age
  • Certain breeds are sometimes excluded from coverage

Optimum Wellness Plans

  • Exclusively offered by Banfield Pet Hospital
  • Intended for preventive care use
  • Not used to treat unexpected injury or illness; can provide the services that you pay for
  • Proactive, rather than reactive, veterinary care
  • Aimed at maintaining and improving the overall health of your pet
  • Veterinary care with comprehensive preventive pet health care services

An OWP is an affordably priced health care plan that spreads the cost of preventive  pet health care over 12 months. Think of it like a “discount membership” that offers practical services and other savings with a free financing option. In addition, OWPs include free office visits to address any existing and new pet health concerns.

Basic wellness plan fees are the same for all adult pets in a species and for all juvenile pets in a species, and there are no deductibles or waiting periods. Keep in mind, however, that prices of services will vary depending on where you are located.

A wellness plan makes disease prevention, early diagnosis and treatment easy and affordable. While your veterinarian is providing all the recommended preventive care you’ve paid for, you’re enhancing the quality of your pet’s life and getting great value too. Your Banfield veterinarian can help recommend the best plan for your pet.

Find an Optimum Wellness Plan

Our packages of proactive healthcare can be customized to suit the individual needs of your pet. If you still need more information regarding the difference between pet insurance and wellness plans, you can visit our Optimum Wellness Plan page for more information or inquire online to speak with a Banfield associate.