Pet DNA Testing - Canine Genetic Analysis™

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Your dog’s genetic signature is unique and may hold the key to many hidden healthcare indicators. Our Canine Genetic Analysis™ DNA test (CGA)—only available through Banfield— tests for 140+ genetic disease mutations and detects more than 250 breeds, types, and varieties. We recommend genetic testing for all dogs, both pure and mixed breeds, to provide important information to assist our veterinarians in assessing your dog’s specific needs.



Your Canine Genetic Analysis report provides you and your veterinarian with information that can:

  • Enable proactive, individualized health care.
    With more than 140 genetic tests for canine diseases and mutations, your dog’s CGA test delivers a detailed report to help our veterinarians provide individualized care for your dog.
  • Assist with behavior modification and training.
    Visual breed identification is only accurate about 25% of the time, even by professionals. Not knowing the actual breeds in your dog’s make-up means you could be using training techniques that don’t fully take into account his potential or natural tendencies. Knowing the breeds in your mixed-breed dog can help you develop a more effective training and behavior modification program.
  • Provide insights for nutrition and healthcare planning.
    Screening for 140+ genetic disease mutations, breed identification, and a predicted weight profile are all tools from the CGA report that can provide you and your veterinarian with valuable information to help with nutritional and health care planning that is as unique as your dog.

Talk with your local Banfield veterinarian about the Canine Genetic Analysis DNA test, or Check out our CGA FAQ here. It can even be added to your pet’s Optimum Wellness Plan!

*Canine Genetic Analysis/option not available to clients of Banfield Pet Hospitals in Puerto Rico.