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Banfield Declaw Position Statement

Banfield Declaw Position Statement

At Banfield Pet Hospital, our top priority is providing the highest‐quality of veterinary care to each pet we treat. Every medical procedure supported by our practice has been put in place with the health and wellness of pets in mind and, based on this, we do not support the elective declawing of any animal.

Declawing includes surgical onychectomy, digital flexor tendonectomy, or phalangectomy.

Banfield veterinarians should only perform a declawing procedure as a last resort and only if it meets one of more of the following criteria:

  • Declawing is determined to be medically necessary as part of a comprehensive treatment plan to relieve pain or illness
  • The pet poses a danger or physical health risk to family members
  • Attempts to employ behavior modification or environmental modification have been unsuccessful and euthanasia or relinquishment is imminent due to the destructive use of claws

If an above criterion is met and a declawing procedure is to be performed, the providing medical team shall review the surgical procedure with the owner, including outlining all possible complications and post‐operative care. Banfield also requires that declawing be performed only with the medically appropriate use of anesthetics and analgesics and adherence to careful surgical and post‐surgical protocols.

The above guidelines do not apply to the removal of dewclaws.