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Foxtails Handout

Foxtails Handout

What do I need to know about foxtails?

The word "foxtail" is used to describe the grassy, seed-bearing structures that, in the early spring months, are green and bushy like a fox's tail! The term is more commonly used to describe the structures once the grasses and seeds have dried out and begin to break apart in the summer or early fall. This is when the seed becomes dangerous, breaks apart, and has a sharp point at one end so it can easily move in only one direction, but not the other way. As they work their way into skin, ears, noses, etc, and become lodged, foxtails can cause infection. If not treated, medical problems and/or death may result.


Download our Foxtails Handout for an in-depth look at this pet health condition and how you can partner with your veterinarian to prevent against it.