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Dental Care Tips for Dogs and Cats

Proper dental care is a vital pillar of your pet’s overall health and wellbeing. Bad breath isn’t necessarily the unfortunate nature of all pets, but could rather be the warning sign of a far more serious dental disorder. An unclean mouth can easily result in other, more serious issues, so taking the time to make sure your pet’s dental health is in order is a vital step in keeping your dog and cat grinning healthily for as long as possible.

Below you’ll find a video and takeaway tips to help improve your pet’s dental health.

How Can I Care For My Pets’ Teeth?

  • Annual Dental Cleanings: Your pet’s teeth should be professionally cleaned at least once a year, but you can’t offer that level of dental care every day.
  • Dental Treats: To keep your pet’s teeth clean between hospital visits, offer your pets dental chews. They’re a tasty way to maintain a healthy smile!
  • Beware of Bones: Contrary to what you may think, bones are actually not recommended for your pets. While they can help control tartar buildup, bones can also crack your dog and cat’s teeth, leading to a costly dental repair and a lot of pain for your pets.
  • Brush Your Pet’s Teeth: Just as with you, the best dental care for your dog and cat comes from daily brushings. But make sure you use the proper toothpaste! Swallowing human toothpaste can be extremely hazardous to your dog and cat’s health.
  • Regular Checkups: Regular visits to your local veterinarian are vital to your pet’s dental health, as your veterinarian can often spot signs of dental disease far before they become obvious to you. Identifying disease before it becomes a major issue can save your pet from a lot of pain, and potentially a costly procedure sometime down the line.

Need More Information?

To make sure your pets’ teeth are being properly cared for, schedule an appointment with your local veterinarian, and, for any additional information on caring for your pets’ teeth you may need, consult our Dental Health library for dozens of other dental care articles.

If you have any other questions about your pet’s health, please feel free to browse through our Pet Health Resource Library or check out some of the links below.