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Aggression in Pets

Aggression in Pets

Aggression, like many other behavioral issues, is not desirable. Aggressive pets may become stressed or frightened while at a grooming or boarding facility, or a veterinary hospital. Pets with aggressive tendencies have the potential to injure people (even their owners), other pets, or themselves unpredictably.  x

Control of this behavior will reduce the pet's stress level and make any interaction with him or her much safer and more pleasant.

Eliminating Aggression

Many aggressive behaviors can be reduced or eliminated with proper training and reinforcement of acceptable behavior. In some significant cases, medication to reduce aggression may be needed.

Some aggressive behaviors can be related to pain or common medical conditions that should be addressed by your veterinarian. If your pet exhibits aggressive behavior, medical consultation and proper training or behavioral consultation should be considered promptly. Your veterinarian can recommend how to contact a behavioral/training expert in your area.

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Please visit our Behavior Center for more information on how to prevent aggression and other undesirable pet behaviors. If you have questions about aggression in pets, or any medical topic, you can also contact your Banfield hospital to schedule an appointment.