Dr. Inez Del Pino


Dr. Inez Del Pino is a California native who grew up in Northridge. After attending UC Davis for her undergraduate studies, she went on to graduate from UC Davis Veterinary School in 2008. Upon graduation, Dr. Del Pino returned to southern California and has been with Banfield Pet Hospital since 2008. Dr. Del Pino’s special interests in veterinary medicine include dermatology and behavior. Dr. Del Pino worked for five and a half years as an associate doctor at the Canoga Park Banfield, and she was excited to transfer to Banfield Pet Hospital Northridge as Chief of Staff upon its opening in February 2014. In her spare time, Dr. Del Pino enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She has three cats, a pug and a Chihuahua, and is most definitely a pug lover!