Lauren Swanson

Client Service Coordinator

Lauren started her animal career cleaning horse and cattle stalls at CSU's veterinary teaching hospital. She has interned at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, a local wolf hybrid sanctuary, and helped hand raise baby parrots for adoption. After graduating with a B.S. degree in zoology from Colorado State University, she spent a few years in Idaho working with black bears and elk. She joined the Banfield family in December 2018 and has found watching our new puppies grow up to be one of the highlights of the job. She has plans to pursue a veterinary technician certification with Banfield and maybe, in the far future, join a medical team at one of the zoos in the area. Lauren's personal zoo includes an Australian cattle dog mix, Ranger; a fire skink, Flynn; a green tree python, O.D.; and a red-eyed tree frog named Forrest.