Cassidy Clendenning, CVT

Veterinary Technician

Cassidy was born in Fort Collins, CO and moved around between Wyoming and Colorado for most of her childhood, mostly on ranches, until she moved to Alaska with her family around December of 2005. There she lived for 10 years until she finally had enough and moved back to Colorado in 2016 to pursue her college career. She graduated with an Associate of Applied Science degree from Front Range Community College in August of 2017 and started her CVT career at a private practice clinic that December. She has a passion for exotic pets with an aspiration to specialize in exotic pet community practice or zoology, and has a collection of reptiles herself at home as well as 2 dogs. If she wasn't a CVT she would have likely gone into photography for a career but still pursues it as a hobby. Animals of all shapes and sizes has been part of her life since she was a small child and she cannot imagine a life without them.