Elyse Crenshaw

Veterinary Assistant

Elyse has always had a strong love for animals and as a small child, would collect grasshoppers and other creatures to take home to her mom. She followed this calling and passion, and received a biology degree from High Point University in 2013. Soon after graduating, she worked as a veterinary assistant at Banfield for over 3 years. Her passion for animals then took her to private practice for about a year and to Patterson Vet Supply for a year. But she missed the compassion and hands on experience Banfield provided as well as the caring team she worked with. Elyse felt most fulfilled while helping sick patients or educating clients so she's happy to be back at Banfield as a veterinary assistant doing what she loves! She has a sweet cat named Princess Bobina and in her free time, Elyse enjoys spending time with family and friends, crafting, baking, and exercising at her yoga studio!