STEM and the Veterinary Profession

Science (and STEM) to me is a way of thinking, not just subject or a career path. It is integral to the evolving world and culture in which we live, which can often be relationship-driven. Banfield Pet Hospital, one of the veterinary service businesses within Mars, Inc., has been an optimal landscape to help develop and propel women in science. More than 80% of Banfield associates are female, and I am proud to say that 70% of my own team’s regional and corporate leadership are women.

Navigating academia, taking on the corporate world, and dipping toes into the business landscape can be daunting. I have been fortunate to have powerful women with amazing competencies, diverse backgrounds and deep knowledge as my guiding light, personally, academically and professionally. For female students, I strongly believe mentorship is critical to identifying opportunities and building skillsets that will set them in motion on a journey toward success – whatever that looks like for them. I am encouraged on a daily basis to not only be bold, but be courageous in my quality journey.

The veterinary profession, as with many other arms of the healthcare profession, is prominently female. And although we may have a leg up in sheer numbers, continual pursuit of advancement within leadership is critical. Whether through formal STEM events, alumni support or community leadership, I have eagerly shared my stories and learnings with other women to continually build partners and leaders in other fields of science and industry.

As I look forward to the next 30 years in this profession, I am eager for and hopeful about the endless possibilities for change and development that Mars can mutually provide me. I love that Mars is a principle-based company and focuses on people first, every day. These practices are embodied by everyone from our corporate leaders to our associates and continually fill my bucket and keep me engaged. Although Mars is a large company, the individual focus of each business unit paired with the flexibility of amazing career pathing opportunities makes me excited to come to work every day.