2020 Veterinary Emerging Topics (VET)™ Report

In this year’s report, we focus on the importance of weight management in pets and the impact weight has on pet quality of life, mobility, activity, and comfort as it relates to osteoarthritis.

Approximately 51% of adult dogs seen at Banfield Pet Hospital in 2018 were overweight, with the prevalence increasing with age (peaking at 60% at 7 years). Sadly, of the overweight dogs, fewer than 10% lost at least 10% of their body weight after initial identification as overweight, and success was not influenced by pet age. And approximately 40% of these successful dogs regain weight and the overweight status within 12 months.

Overweight Condition for Dogs
Distribution of ages of overweight pets

Based on the dog owner survey, owners whose dog successfully lost weight were more likely to consistently measure the amount of food their dogs eat, have more than one dog in the house, and use other pet care services (e.g., a pet walker).

The survey of Banfield veterinarians and accredited veterinary technicians indicate there are challenges in obtaining a diet history and engaging owners (and keeping them engaged) in their pet’s weight loss plan.

Survey by Banfield Veterinary Leaders
Weight Management report

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