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Banfield Veterinary Science Team

Our dedicated team studies data gathered from the millions of pets we see every year to not only help strengthen and improve our hospitals, but also share our findings with the veterinary community. Read our latest findings below.

Veterinary Emerging Topics (VET)® Report

Find out what we learned about the management of osteoarthritis in overweight pets and get a closer look at the data, plus the insights and opportunities we identified.


State of Pet Health® Report

Our 2018 report explores the science behind allergic dermatitis in pets and sheds light on flea, atopic and food allergies. We have created a downloadable infographic for veterinary professionals to support client conversations.


Clinical Discussion

Browse these articles for thoughts and discussion on industry topics.

What Veterinarians Need to Know About Pet Obesity

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Confronting Our Cognitive "Everests"

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A "Just Culture" in the Workplace

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Industry Events

At Banfield, we believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise with the wider profession. We are proud to be invited to speak at national veterinary conferences where we share insights gained from the collective experiences of our 17,000 associates.

In 2018, we are attending several national veterinary conferences. These events offer high quality continuing education, professional development, networking, diverse exhibits and other opportunities for veterinary professionals. Find out more about our upcoming engagements.

Fetch San Diego

December 13-16, 2018

Join us for 3 hours of continuing education as we sponsor the Women’s Veterinary Leadership Development Initiative (WVLDI)! Dr. Kimberly-Ann Therrien, our own vice president veterinary quality, will be presenting as part of the WVLDI Veterinary Leadership Track.

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