Corporate Social Responsibility

At Banfield Pet Hospital, the nation’s largest general veterinary practice, helping pets and the people who love them is more than just a job – we’re here to give back and to deliver on our purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS.

Using Our Scale to Promote Wellness Wellness of Pets Wellness of Communities Wellness of our People and our Profession Banfield Foundation Report

Here to Give Back

In 2017, we grew as a company and as a corporate citizen. We provided much-needed veterinary care and supplies, as well as volunteer services, to animal welfare organizations, communities, people and pets in need. We invested in our associates and continued to use our resources, reach and relationships to work to strengthen the broader veterinary profession. This year, our passion for helping pets and people earned Banfield the Points of Light Civic 50 award, which honors America’s 50 leading community-minded organizations.

CSR Report

Download the latest report to see our progress over the past year.

Using Our Scale to Promote Wellness

With more than 17,000 associates, we are here for pets and for the people who care for them. We are here for the communities that need our support. We are here for our people and the veterinary industry as a whole. We are here to give back.

Scale to Promote Wellness Scale to Promote Wellness

How We Promote Wellbeing in and Outside Our Hospital Walls

Our corporate social responsibility mission is to use our unique reach, resources and relationship to improve the well-being of pets, our communities, our people and the veterinary profession.

  Wellness of Pets
  Wellness of Communities
  Wellness of Our People and Our Profession

Wellness of Pets

We believe in making a better world for pets through preventive care education, elevation of the pet-human bond and disaster relief and preparedness.

Wellness of pets Wellness of pets

Disaster Relief for Pets

Wellness of pets Wellness of pets

Helping Pets Thrive

Wellness of pets Wellness of pets

Wellness of pets Wellness of pets


Wellness of Communities

Through volunteering and with programs designed to benefit local shelters and rescues, we strengthen pet-human connections in our communities.

Throughout the year, our associates participate in the Mars Volunteer Program (MVP), where we use our skills in animal care, veterinary medicine, and just plain hard work to meet the needs of vulnerable pets and help nonprofits in need. In the month of October (our spotlight month), we set extra time aside to volunteer on projects ranging from landscaping at animal shelters to packing pet food at food banks.

Wellness of pets

Vets Helping Vets

Banfield Pet Hospital and the Banfield Foundation were honored to come together to provide vital preventive care to the pets of at-risk veterans. Watch the video to see how we gave back to our national heroes.

Wellness of pets

Mars Ambassador Program

Through the Mars Ambassador Program, Banfield associates are able to develop their skills while lending their expertise to communities around the world.


Wellness of People and our Profession

By nurturing our associates, establishing partnerships and leveraging our expertise to advance veterinary medicine, together we can make sure all pets receive the care they deserve.

Wellness of pets Wellness of pets

Student Programs

Wellness of pets Wellness of pets

AVMA Legislative Fly-In

Wellness of pets Wellness of pets

Enhancing Quality of Care

2017 Banfield Foundation Report

It’s been two years since we launched the Banfield Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to improving the well-being of pets, communities and the science of veterinary medicine. See how we are achieving these goals, and how you can get involved.

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