• Is it safe to give my dog raw egg yolk mixed with her dry food?

    Raw foods, especially chicken products like eggs, can always present risks. Salmonella and other bacteria can live in eggs and serving them raw, could give your dog a good dose of disease.

    In addition to that, anytime we add foods to their diet, we run the risk of altering the nutrient balance in their total diet for the day. Especially for a small dog like a Maltese - one egg yolk presents a significant part of their total caloric intake and their total volume of food, which means they are getting less of something else and possibly less of something that they need.

    Today's high quality pet foods present a great balance of nutrition that is intentionally designed to provide the right nutrient balance to your pet, especially if you are feeding one specifically designed for your pet's breed or lifestyle. Check with your veterinarian for specific recommendations.

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