• Hello, My dog Minnie has a problem with her leg/hip which she has been seen for. The vet is not sure if she has some type of arthritis or if it is LCPD (less calve perthes disease) or patellar luxation. We plan to do xrays at her next appointment. In the mean time I would like to start giving her CBD oil. I have other friends that give their pet CBD oil for types of arthritis and they say it has worked. Although I do not think that my pet is in pain I do feel that she is less active because of her lameness. There are 2 CBD products/brands that I have been told about. King Kalm oil 75mg and Canna-Pet advanced maxhemp liquid. I was just wondering how you feel about giving CBD products to your pet? I also wonder how much I should administer to my dog based on her weight/size? Thank you!
  • My dogs is dragging his behind on the carpet and it looks very red and irritated. He has been doing this pretty consistently this evening.
  • I feed my dogs grain free food. A friend of mines dog just had congestive heart failure and her vet told her it was caused from feeding him grain free dog food. Then someone shared a post on Facebook about a different instance. Is this accurate?? Thank you for your response.
  • Tyger has been sneezing. Not all the time, but he seems to have short sneezing bouts and sometimes sneezing/coughing like he has nasal glop. Eyes seem fine and nose is not running? Should we make an appointment to bring him in? Erin
  • I submitted the following yesterday, and received the following answer (see below) - however, I can't seem to get a call back from my vet at a time when we can actually speak, so if someone could simply provide recommendations based on a cat, not necessarily my cat's medical record, I'd really appreciate it. Will reducing the Felimazole to 2.5 mg (1/2 the 5 mg pill) potentially produce results in thyroid levels? The vet didn't even seem to suggest this, just wanted to recommend radiation something or special food. I think we should reduce script levels, or increase slowly again, and then check blood levels before actually changing to an entire other line of prescription. I just want to know if minimal nausea and subtle behavior changes are normal, if they go away once the cat is used to the med, etc. He hasn't vomited again since I reduced the pill amount. His T4 levels were 7.000 about 3 weeks ago before any meds, and we haven't been back again yet to recheck. Thanks for anything you can provide. MY QUESTION YESTERDAY: "My cat was prescribed Felimazole, and I've administered 1/2 pill twice per day for 7 days, followed by just completing 7 days of full pill twice per day (supposed to continue until check-in blood testing Aug. 6). He threw up 5-6 times yesterday, and I'm wondering if related to medication. I gave him 1 full pill last night after he hadn't vomited for several hours, and he vomited once after an hour, but no more following. I administered 1/2 pill this morning, and wonder if that is okay? He had not vomited all night. Can I continue with 1/2 pill to see if tolerates, or will this disrupt the needed dose of medication? Should I try full pill once more to see if he was maybe just a bit ill from something unrelated? He has eaten, drank water, and used the litter box since, so he's not severely ill. Thank you! YOUR ANSWER: "Hi Anna, I recommend that you talk to your local veterinarian who prescribed the medication about this question. The best answer to this will depend on a few different factors including your cat’s overall health, the severity of the hyperthyroidism, and the timing of the vomiting. Your vet knows your pet’s medical history and they will be better able to answer your questions about this."
  • My dog will pee in the kennel even if it is a small amount. He does it every time i put him in there. He does not pee in the house, only when its time for him to be in the kennel. Also he obsessively chases and harasses my senior chihuahua and redirecting his attention is not working. He is 8 months old
  • Hi! I have been feeding my dog Blue Buffalo life protection formula, but wanted to switch over to Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition Dry Dog Food (Roasted Chicken, Rice & Vegetable Flavor). I was wondering if Pedigree is just as good to give my dog as Blue Buffalo, as I have heard a lot of good things about Blue Buffalo but do not know as much about Pedigree. Thanks!
  • Have a dog who has a grade 2-3 heart murmur and she has been coughing lately like hacking up a fur ball and now having slight labored breathing with 28bpm. I know this is concerning but is it technically an emergency. Having trouble getting into my local Banfield and now have to find local vet.
  • My cat has recently (two months ago) started prednisolone due to inflamed bowels. We are currently dialing back her dosages to get to the lowest effective dose. I noticed she’s been overgrooming on her legs, and bald spots are forming. Is this a side effect of prednisolone? (She’s an indoor cat, and I haven’t seen any fleas, also she never did this before she started the drug)
  • I am looking to take my cat to a groomer to get de-matted but he will not like that. Hates when I try to brush him. A groomer I know and trust has said if there are safety concerns/anxiety/aggression at the groomer they would have me re-schedule the appointment to make a vet appointment and get a tranquilizer of some form to relax that. Would a Banfield vet help me with that or do I need to find a new vet for that?
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