Frequently Asked Questions about Banfield Pet Hospital

Q. What is Banfield’s relationship with PetSmart?

Banfield and PetSmart formed a partnership to bring convenient, high-quality veterinary care to more than 800 neighborhood locations across the country.

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Q. What is BARK?

BARK refers to our Banfield Applied Research and Knowledge team — a group dedicated to analyzing data gathered from the 2.7 million pets seen in our hospitals each year. The ongoing efforts of this team help us to publish various veterinary research papers and other valuable pet owner resources like the annual State of Pet Health Report.

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Q. What is the State of Pet Health Report?

The Banfield Applied Research and Knowledge team (BARK) releases the State of Pet Health Report each year. The report analyzes data pulled from the 860+ Banfield Pet Hospitals across the U.S., allowing us to identify national, regional and state-specific trends in disease, lifespans and more.

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Q. Can I adopt a pet at Banfield Pet Hospital?

While Banfield doesn’t offer an adoption program of its own, our hospitals do partner with shelters and rescue organizations across the country. Contact your local Banfield Pet Hospital for information about adoption opportunities in your area.

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Q. What is the FutureVet Program?

Banfield created FutureVet as a program to help veterinarians share their love of pet health care with children. The program provides presentation materials and curriculums to veterinarians.

Learn more about FutureVet in our community section.

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Q. What is the Pet Adoption Rewards Program?

Banfield’s Pet Adoption Rewards Program works with shelters and rescues to give pre-adoption pets health care. PARP members receive free office visits, discounts on products and services, and veterinary care vouchers for adopted pets referred to Banfield. Shelters and rescues can register for PARP online.

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