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Put a dent in student debt

Introducing Banfield’s Veterinary Student Debt Relief Program, a path forward for associates struggling with veterinary school loans.

Banfield Veterinary Student Debt Relief Program

According to the AVMA, veterinarians graduate with an average of $167,000 in student loans and this number may continue to rise in the coming years. While Banfield can’t change the cost of tuition, we can do our best to help alleviate its impact on our current and future associates.

That’s why we’ve created the Veterinary Student Debt Relief Program, a first-of-its-kind financial well-being benefit for eligible Banfield veterinarians.

How We Can Help With Your Veterinary School Loans

A monthly
contribution of $150

paid by Banfield directly on qualifying student loans

A low-interest refinancing option

from a third-party financial institution*

A $2,500 payment

for each qualifying Banfield student program the doctor participates in before graduating (up to $10,000)

*Refinancing option available to all eligible Banfield associates. Restrictions apply for residents of Nevada and Mississippi. Please contact a recruiter for details.

Veterinary Student Debt by the Numbers

Veterinarians face some of the highest student loan debt of any profession, and Banfield hopes that by offering this program we can help create a more viable career option for aspiring doctors.

Average Debt Relief
$167,000 average debt per veterinarian
3,000 veterinary graduates per year
Graduates per year
Student Debt Relief
79,000 veterinarians across the U.S.
3,500 veterinarians at Banfield
that's an estimated $13 Billion in veterinary student loan debt

Putting Our Doctors First

“Like most early career veterinarians, my student debt weighed heavily on me and made financial freedom very challenging. The new student debt benefit shows Banfield is listening to and addressing the needs of its associates.” Dr. Kirk Breuninger, VMD, MPH
Dr Daniel Aja
“High levels of veterinary student debt are plaguing the industry, and Banfield is committed to helping veterinarians address this significant burden.” Dr. Daniel Aja, DVM, Chief Medical Officer
Stephanie Neuvrirth
“We believe by helping veterinarians with their student debt, we are contributing to the long-term vitality of the industry for future generations.” Stephanie Neuvirth, Senior Vice President of P&O
Find out more about the program and
see how Banfield can reduce your student debt.

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We’re committed to promoting the health and wellness of our associates, and that includes their financial well-being. If you’re interested in being part of a supportive team, we’d love to hear from you!

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