Effects of Dogs on Families with Autistic Children

Washington, D.C., WA July 19, 2016

Banfield Pet Hospital® is a proud supporter of the Human Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI) Foundation and the great work it does to generate awareness of the powerful positive impact of the human-animal bond.

In addition to collecting and housing research, there are more than 12 distinct HABRI-funded studies on the human-animal bond currently underway. The first HABRI study, released earlier this year, examined the healthcare cost savings associated with pet ownership—and found a staggering savings of over $11 billion dollars per year.

HABRI recently released findings from its second study, published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Veterinary Behavior. This long-term study was conducted by researchers at the University of Lincoln (UK) and examined the effects of pet dogs on families with children with autism spectrum disorder.

Not surprisingly, this research found that, compared to families without a dog, families with a dog showed significantly improved family functioning as well as a reduction in dysfunctional parent-child interactions.

“We are so pleased with the work that HABRI is doing and are thrilled to support the organization’s great work,” said Dr. Jesus Aramendi, a Banfield regional medical director. “The benefits of the animal-human bond have been proven scientifically time and time again, and we hope that increased awareness will translate to more and more families enriching their lives through pet ownership.”

To learn more about HABRI and the science behind the human-animal bond, visit the HABRI website.

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