Banfield Releases Scratch and Sniff Children's Book about Dog Dental Care

Portland, OR February 01, 2016

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Banfield Pet Hospital® has announced the release of its second children's book titled "My Very, Very Smelly Breath,” a scratch-and-sniff story written to entertain and educate children on the importance of being a responsible pet owner with an emphasis on maintaining their pet’s dental health. The book, a sequel to the 2014 release "My Very, Very Busy Day,” follows the journey of dog protagonist Queen Esther as she learns she has very, very smelly breath, and her furry companions Captain Noodles and Kitty who help her find an easy solution to a healthy mouth. Along the way, families will learn fun and educational ways to involve kids in healthy pet dental habits such as brushing their pet’s teeth (which should always be done by an adult), providing healthy dental treats and scheduling regular visits to the veterinarian for recommendations on the best care specific to your pet.

To further spread awareness about pet dental health, Banfield is partnering with actress, co-host of "The View," New York Times bestselling author, and star of the upcoming Netflix series "Fuller House,” Candace Cameron Bure. In addition to being a veterinarian in her role as DJ Tanner, Bure is a pet owner in real life, and understands the importance of pet dental care. "My dog Boris’ health is extremely important to me, and dental care is a big component of that,” said Bure. "By working with Banfield Pet Hospital I’ve been able to find new ways to get the whole family involved in Boris’ dental care—from brushing and providing treats to regularly seeing the veterinarian!”

One of Banfield’s core philosophies is ensuring all patients receive the preventive care they need, including proper vaccines, dental care, parasite control (i.e. heartworm, flea and tick control), good nutrition and behavior training. As February marks National Pet Dental Health Month, this book helps explore the importance of pet dental care with an engaging, colorful and interactive scratch-and-sniff approach.

"Dental disease among dogs and cats is more common than you may think – in fact it is the most common disease among the cats and dogs we see at Banfield. Ninety-two percent of dogs and eighty-four percent of cats over the age of three have recently been diagnosed with some form of dental disease,” said Dr. Andrea Sanchez, Banfield veterinarian and spokesdoctor. "Preventive dental care and the advice in ‘My Very, Very Smelly Breath’ are essential in keeping pets—and their mouths—very, very healthy.”

"My Very, Very Smelly Breath” is written and illustrated by Ray Nelson, a Portland, Ore. based artist, in partnership with Banfield Pet Hospital, and is available in each of the nearly 925 Banfield Pet Hospital locations for a suggested donation of $10, with 100 percent of the donations going to Banfield Foundation. Funds raised will be used to provide preventive and dental care to pets in need.

More information about the book, including printable coloring pages, trivia on pet dental health and a video on how to draw Captain Noodles, can be found at To find the Banfield Pet Hospital nearest you, please use their hospital locator. 

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