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If you’re like us, you pay close attention to all the pet-focused holidays. Which means you already know that National Cook for Your Pets Day is celebrated each year in November. Celebrated especially by pets, we should add.

Nutrition matters

Cooking for your pet is a way to show how much you love them, even if they’d probably just gobble up their normal, healthy, balanced diet. Nutrition is a big part of pet wellness, so before you start dicing, chopping, mixing, and blending, be sure that the pets you love are getting the diet they need on the regular.

A good place to start is right here on the Banfield blog. If you haven’t read the feeding pets with lots of love and a complete diet post, now’s your chance. It’s chock full of info about how to choose the right food for your dog or cat, monitoring and controlling your pet’s weight, and how to give out treats without overdoing it.

If your pet’s healthy and has a safe, consistent, and balanced diet, why not give them special something, on the house, on National Cook for Your Pets Day? In moderation, of course. And before giving your pets new treats, definitely check with your Banfield veterinary team about food allergies, sensitivities, or ingredients to avoid.

Bake for your pooch

Fire up the oven and cook some oatsy dog biscuits, nicely crunchy and rich in protein. You probably have all the ingredients in your cabinet, they’re easy to make, and there’s a good chance your dog will love them. And not just because dogs will eat almost anything.

Create for your cat

Have a feline friend? Try cooling off that cute little tongue with a bold, cold, tuna-flavored treat. If you’ve never used tuna juice in a recipe, you’re in for a treat. And so is your cat.

Whatever you cook, or even if you don’t, your pet will love you. And if you do try to cook something but it doesn’t come out exactly right, your dog will probably eat it any way. As for cats? They’ll eat whatever they decide to eat, and that’s just how it’s going to be. So good luck.

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